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September 19, 2017

Tafseer e Quran by Dr Israr Ahmed Complete Holy Quran Translation & Tafseer

Dr Israr Ahmed was a great Islamic scholar and philosopher who gained popularity all over the world. There are up to 60 books authored by the great scholar on almost every aspect of Islam. He also a TV celebrity as he hosted a program on Peace TV for couple of years.

Dr Israr Ahmed translated the Holy Quran with modern aspects and his Tafseer e Quran is rightly according to the modern world. When we talk about it is according to the modern world it doesn’t mean that it violates the Islamic rules but it means it is written as per the understanding and mental level of current time.

Dr Israr was born in 1932 and later on his parents were moved to Sahiwal from Hisar. He done his MBBS from King Edward Medical University Lahore and also practice medicine for several years. Later on he moved in politics as well as started writing books on Islam.

Dr Israr’s Tafseer e Quran is based on his lectures and programs on TV channels that got great popularity and till today every Muslim refer to read or listen his Tafseer in Urdu & Hindi


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